Today is Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Burlington Bay

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The pond across the street

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Quotable Baseball

On any given day ... come out to the ballpark and you'll see something different

Fred Borsch, sportswriter

Quote of the Day

When I was a little child, I was breast fed from falsies.

Woody Allen

Life Rule of the Day

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Aesop, (620-560 B.C.)

Movie Quote

You're a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant - but scary!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorceror's) Stone

Bumper Sticker

How is a wife like a GPS? Eventually. your wife will give up, but the GPS just keeps recalculating.

Country's Greatest Hits

In 2008, Shelly Fabian compiled a list of the 500 greatest country recordings of all time. Here's five from the list.

      236 "In This Life" - Collin Raye

      167 "Old Flame" - Alabama

      143 "I Love The Way You Love Me" - John Michael Montgomery

      124 "Orange Blossom Special" - Johnny Cash

      18 "Always On My Mind" - Willie Nelson

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