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July 16

Today in History

1769: First Catholic mission in California dedicated at San Diego

1867: Parisian Joseph Monier patents reinforced concrete

1885: Louis Pasteur demonstrates cure for rabies

1918: Czar Nicholas II and family are murdered

1969: Apollo 11 departs Earth bound for the historic man's first landing on the moon

1999: JFK Jr. killed in plane crash

Notable Births

1821: Mary Baker Eddy (religious leader: founder of Christian Science)

1907: Orville Redenbacher (popcorn gourmet & tycoon)

1907: Barbara Stanwyk (Ruby Stevens) (actress: see "Missy" Day, above)

1911: Ginger Rogers (McMath) (Academy Award-winning actress: Kitty Foyle [1940]; dancer with Fred Astaire in many musicals; appeared in over 70 films in 60 years)

1915: Barnard Hughes (Emmy Award-winning actor: Lou Grant [1977]; Prelude to a Kiss, The Guiding Light, Sisters, Doc)

1924: Bess Myerson (Miss America [1945], actress, corporate spokesperson, civic leader)

1925: Cal (Callen) Tjader (Grammy Award-winning musician: vibes, piano, percussion; composer: Cast Your Fate to the Winds [1962], La Onda Va Bien [1980]; soundtracks for Peanuts TV cartoons)

1925: Nat Pierce (musician: jazz rhythm pianist; co-bandleader: Capp-Pierce Juggernaut)

1927: Mindy Carson (singer)

1942: Desmond Dekker (Dacris) (reggae musician: Israelites, 007 (Shanty Town), You Can Get It if You Really Want)

1943: Jimmy Johnson (football: champion college coach: Miami; pro coach: Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII)

1948: Pinchas Zukerman (violinist)

1963: Phoebe Cates (actress: Gremlins, Drop Dead Fred, Princess Caraboo, Bright Lights, Big City)

1971: Corey Scott Feldman (actor: License to Drive, The 'Burbs, National Lampoon's Last Resort, The Goonies, Gremlins, voice: Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Notable Deaths

1999: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. airplane accident, founder of George, son of President Kennedy. Born: November 25, 1960.

2003: Celia Cruz, Cuban singer, "Queen of Salsa" Born October 21, 1924

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