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December 13

Today in History

1577: Drake sets out on 3 year voyage around the world (First British explorer to circumnavigate the world)

1621: First export of American furs

1642: Tasman discovers New Zealand

1862: General Lee victorius at Fredericksburg

1901: Marcione introduces the ice cream cone in New York.

1937: Japanese General Matsui Iwane orders "The Rape of Nanking" where the city is destroyed and thousands of people killed and raped to teach the Chinese a lesson

1941: U-81 torpedoes British aircraft carrier Ark Royal

1961: Beatles sign a formal agreement to be managed by Brian Epstein

1961: Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John" album is country music 1st million $ seller

1967: Unsuccessful coup against Greek King Constantine II

1983: British Airways incorporates

Notable Births

1818: Mary Todd Lincoln (First Lady: wife of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln)

1897: Drew Pearson, Evanston Ill, newscaster (Drew Pearson)

1903: Carlos Montoya (guitarist)

1910: Van (Emmet) Heflin (Academy Award-winning actor: Johnny Eager [1942])

1914: Larry Parks (Klausman) (actor: The Jolson Story, Jolson Sings Again)

1918: Bill Vukovich (race car driver: Indianapolis 500 winner [1953, 1954])

1920: George Shultz (Secretary of State under U.S. President Ronald Reagan [1982-1988])

1924: Larry Doby, baseball. First African-American player in the American League. Played with Cleveland Indians and led them to 1948 World Series Win. Hall of Famer. Died June 18, 2003

1925: Dick Van Dyke (Emmy Award-winning actor/comedian: The Dick Van Dyke Show, [1959-60], [1963-64], [1965-66]; Diagnosis Murder)

1925: Wayne Walker (country music composer)

1929: Christopher Plummer (Orme) (Emmy Award-winning actor: The Moneychangers [1976-1977], Madeline [1993-1994]; The Sound of Music)

1934: Richard Darryl Zanuck (producer: Jaws, The Sting)

1941: John Davidson (actor, singer; TV game show host: Hollywood Squares)

1943: Ferguson Jenkins (baseball: Chicago Cubs: pitcher: Cy Young Award winner [1971])

1944: Mike Mosley (auto racer)

1948: Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter (musician: guitarist: groups: Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers)

1949: Ted Nugent (musician: original group: Amboy Dukes; guitarist, singer: Cat Scratch Fever)

1949: Roberta Ann (R.A.) MacAvoy, US, sci-fi author (Damiano's Lute, Raphael)

1959: Johnny Whitaker (actor: Family Affair)

1973: Christie Clark, LA, actress (Carrie Brady-Days of Our Lives)

Notable Deaths

1958: Tim Moore, actor (Kingfish-Amos 'n' Andy), dies at 70

1997: Alexander Oppenheim, mathematician, dies at 94

2002: Zal Yanovsky, music (founding member of the Lovin' Spoonful). Born December 19, 1944

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