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March 24

Today in History

1603: Elizabeth I's 45 year reign ended;

1664: Roger Williams is granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island

1832: Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred & feathered in Ohio

1868: Metropolitan Life Insurance Co forms

1883: 1st telephone call between NY & Chicago

1916: Donald Hamilton, author (Matt Helm series)

1924: Greece becomes a republic

1958: Elvis Presley joins the army (serial number 53310761)

1989: Exxon Valdez runs aground in Prince William Sound, southern Alaska

1994: Robert F Kennedy Jr divorces Emily Black

1996: Shannon Lucid enters Mir, first U.S. female astronaut on a space station

1997: Australian parliament overturns world's 1st & only euthanasia law

1999: NATO bombs Yugoslavia to stop "ethnic cleansing"

Notable Births

1834: William Morris, artist, designer; died October 3, 1896

1855: Andrew W Mellon, founder (Mellon Bank)/US Sec of Treasury

1874: Harry Houdini (magician: the great Houdini, escape artist)

1887: Fatty (Roscoe) Arbuckle (actor: The Lizzies of Mack Sennett, Mabel and Fatty, Keystone Comedies with Charlie Chaplin)

1900: June (Algeria Junius) Clark (musician: trumpet)

1911: Joseph Barbera, animator (Hanna-Barbera)

1914: Richard (Nicholas) Conte (actor: I'll Cry Tomorrow, The Godfather, Hotel, A Walk in the Sun, They Came to Cordura)

1920: Gene Nelson (Berg) (actor, dancer: Lullaby of Broadway, Oklahoma, Tea for Two, The West Point Story, The Atomic Man)

1922: Dave Appell (singer, musician, songwriter: In the Midnight Hour)

1924: Norman Fell (actor: Three's Company, The Graduate, Pork Chop Hill) died December 14, 1998

1928: Vanessa Brown (Smylla Brind) (actress: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Three Husbands, The Fighter, Witch Who Came from the Sea)

1928: Byron Janis (Yanks) (pianist: the well-known piano performance on Hugo Winterhalter's Rhapsody in Blue recording)

1930: Steve McQueen (actor: The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, Papillon, Towering Inferno, The Sand Pebbles, Love with the Proper Stranger, Hell is for Heroes, Bullitt, The Hunter, Le Mans) died November 7, 1980

1933: William Smith (actor: Eye of the Tiger, L.A. Vice, Maniac Cop, East L.A. Warriors, Emperor of the Bronx, Angels Die Hard, Platoon Leader)

1940: Bob Mackie (fashion and costume designer)

1944: Denny McLain (baseball: Detroit Tigers pitcher: Baseball Writer's Award [1968], Cy Young Award [1968]; entertainer)

1947: Peggy Sue (country singer)

1952: Nicholas Campbell, Toronto Canada, actor (Nick-Insiders)

1954: Donna Pescow (actress: Policewoman Centerfold, Saturday Night Fever, Glory Years)

1960: Kelly LeBrock, NYC, actress (Weird Science, Woman in Red)

1970: Lara Flynn Boyle, Davenport Iowa, actress (The Practice, Donna Hayward-Twin Peaks)

Notable Deaths

1882: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, US poet (Song of Hiawatha), dies at 75

1945: J S Nicklin, Lt-Col/Canada's 1st parachutist, dies

1984: Sam Jaffe, actor (Dr Zorba-Ben Casey), dies of cancer at 93

1990: An Wang, computer manufacturer (Wang), dies at 70 of cancer

1990: Rene Enriquez, actor (Hill St Blues), dies of pancreatic cancer at 56

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