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September 19

Today in History

1356: English defeat French at Battle of Poitiers

1676: Rebels under Nathaniel Bacon set Jamestown Va on fire

1777: Battle of Freeman's Farm (Bemis Heights) or 1st Battle of Saratoga

1783: Versailles: King Louis XVI watches the first successful balloon trip with live passengers: a sheep, a rooster and a duck.

1796: George Washington's farewell address as president

1838: Ephraim Morris patents railroad brake

1846: Elizabeth Barrett & Robert Browning elopes

1848: Hyperion, moon of Saturn, discovered by Bond (US) & Lassell (England)

1849: 1st commercial laundry established, in Oaklan, California

1854: Henry Meyer patents sleeping rail car

1863: Battle of Chickamauga GA (near Chattanooga) begins; Union retreat

1873: Black Friday: Jay Cooke & Co fails, causing a securities panic

1876: 1st carpet sweeper patented (Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids, Mich)

1876: Talks begin to set up a football club in Ottawa

1881: President Garfield dies eighty days after being shot.

1893: New Zealand is the first country to give women the vote

1922: Queen Wilhelmina's takes Dutch throne with 119 word speech

1928: Mickey Mouse's screen debut (Steamboat Willie at Colony Theater NYC)

1939: Wehrmacht (German regular army) murders 100 Jews in Lukov Poland

1940: Nazi decree forbids gentile woman to work in Jewish homes

1941: Nazi's force German Jews, 6 & over to wear Jewish stars

1943: Liberator bombers sinks U-341

1944: Luftwaffe bombs Eindhoven: 200 killed

1950: UN reject membership of China's People

1951: 1st broadcast of "Search for Tomorrow" on CBS-TV

1955: Cubs slugger Ernie Banks hits record 5th grand slam of season

1955: Juan Perón deposed in Argentina

1959: Nikita Khrushchev is denied access to Disneyland

1960: Chubby Checkers' "Twist" reaches #1

1968: Denny McLain's 31st win & Mickey Mantle's 535th HR

1970: "Mary Tyler Moore" show premieres

1973: Frank Robinson homers in record 32nd ML park (Arlington Tx)

1982: Streetcars stop running on Market St after 122 years of service

1983: St Kitts & Nevis declares independence from UK

1984: Britain & China complete a proposed agreement to transfer Hong Kong to China by 1997

1986: Fed health officials announce AZT will be available to AIDS patients

1992: Barry Bonds joins Willie Mays, Howard Johnson & Ron Gant as having (2) 30-HR/30-steal seasons

1992: UN Security Council votes 12-0 (3 abstentions) to dump Yugoslavia

1993: Actress Michele Phillips (Knots Landing) is robbed at gunpoint

1994: U.S. forces land in Haiti

Notable Births

0086: Antoninus Pius, 15th Roman emperor (138-161)

1901: Joseph Pasternak, film producer (Anchors Aweigh, Date With Judy)

1905: Leon Jaworski (attorney: Watergate special prosecutor)

1910: Frances Farmer (actress: Rhythm on the Range, Son of Fury)

1911: Sir William Golding (Nobel Prize for literature [1983]; Lord of the Flies)

1921: Billy Ward (singer, musician: piano: group: Billy Ward and the Dominoes: Sixty-Minute Man, Have Mercy Baby, Star Dust, Deep Purple, St. Therese of the Roses)

1926: Duke (Edwin) Snider (Baseball Hall of Famer: Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder: played in six World Series; NY Mets, San Francisco Giants; broadcaster: Montreal Expos)

1929: Adam West (actor: Batman, The Detectives, starring Robert Taylor, The Last Precinct, Hooper, The New Age)

1931: Brook (Benjamin Franklin) Benton (Peay) (singer: It's Just a Matter of Time, Baby [You've Got What It Takes] [w/Dinah Washington], Endlessly, Think Twice, Kiddio, The Boll Weevil Song, Rainy Night In Georgia)

1931: Ray Danton (actor: The Longest Day, The George Raft Story, I'll Cry Tomorrow)

1932: Mike Royko (journalist: Chicago Tribune: syndicated column author: Boss, Slats Grobnick)

1933: David McCallum (actor: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Invisible Man, Shattered Image)

1934: Brian Epstein (talent manager: The Beatles)

1934: Jay Randolph (sportscaster: NBC Sports, St. Louis Cardinals)

1936: Al Oerter (Olympic and Track & Field Hall of Famer: 4 time Gold Medalist & world record maker: discus [1956, 1960, 1964, 1968)

1937: Chris Short (baseball: Philadelphia Phillies pitcher)

1937: Abner Haynes (football: Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs: Rookie and Player of the Year [1960]; Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, NY Jets)

1940: Sylvia Tyson, folksinger/rocker (Ian and Sylvia)

1940: Bill Medley (singer: I've Had the Time of My Life [w/Jennifer Warnes]; group: The Righteous Brothers: You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling, Just Once In My Life, Unchained Melody, Ebb Tide, [You're My] Soul & Inspiration, Rock and Roll Heaven)

1940: Paul Williams (Academy Award-winning songwriter: Evergreen [1976]; Love Boat theme song, We've Only Just Begun, Can't Live a Day Without You)

1943: 'Mama' Cass Elliott (Cohen) (singer: group: The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin', Monday, Monday, Creeque Alley; solo: Dream a Little Dream of Me, It's Getting Better, Make Your Own Kind of Music; group: The Mugwumps)

1943: Joe Morgan (Baseball Hall of Famer: Cincinnati Reds second base: Baseball Writers' Award [1975, 1976])

1945: Randolph Mantooth (actor: Emergency, Detective School, Operation Petticoat)

1945: Freda Payne (singer: Band of Gold, Bring the Boys Home; sang w/ Duke Ellington)

1946: Joe Ferguson (baseball)

1947: Larry Brown (football: Washington Redskins running back, NFL Player of the Year [1972]; NFL leading rusher [1970, 1972]; Super Bowl VII)

1948: Jeremy Irons (Academy Award-winning actor: Reversal of Fortune [1990]; Die Hard: With a Vengeance, House of Spirits, M. Butterfly, Damage, Dead Ringers, The French Lieutenant's Woman; voice of Scar: Lion King)

1949: Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) (fashion model: mini-skirt; actress: The Boy Friend, Madame Sousatzka, Body Bags, The Princesses)

1949: Sidney Wicks (basketball: College Player of the Year [1970]; Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics, San Diego Clippers)

1950: Joan Lunden, Fair Oaks Calif, news host (Good Morning America)

1951: Joan Lunden (broadcast journalist; TV co-host: Good Morning America)

1952: Nile Rogers (musician: group: Honeydrippers: Sea of Love)

1956: Rex Smith (actor: Sooner or Later, A Passion to Kill, Transformations, Pirates of Penzance)

1958: Kevin Hooks, Phila, actor (Sounder, Aaron Loves Angela)

1964: Trisha Yearwood, Monticello GA, country singer (Sweetest Gift)

1967: Jim Abbott (baseball: NY Yankees one-handed pitcher: no hitter [9/4/93]; Sullivan Award-winner [1987]; gold medalist: U.S. baseball team [1988]; California Angels)

1969: Matthew L Perry, actor (Friends)

Notable Deaths

1180: Louis VII, the Younger, King of France (1137-80), dies at 59

1881: James A Garfield, 20th president (1881), dies of gunshot wound at 49

1968: Red Foley, country singer (Mr Smith Goes to Washington), dies at 58

1969: Rex Ingram, actor/director (Elmer Gantry), dies of heart attack at 73

1973: Bob Gilbert, actor (Never the Twain Shall Meet), dies of hepatitis 75

1974: Eve March, actress (Adam's Rib, Danny Boy), dies at 63

1993: Richard Landau, US screenwriter (Back to Bataan), dies at 79

1995: Orville Reddenbacher, popcorn magnate, drowns in bathtub at 88

2004: Skeeter Davis, Country singer "End of the World". Born December 30, 1931

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