Today is Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Past Pictures of the Day

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Grimsby Trail: Squirrel makes good his escape

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Birds of the Lost Kingdom, Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Quotable Baseball

He was a hard out.

Yogi Berra (about Jackie Robinson)

Quote of the Day

My mother phones daily to ask 'Did you just try to reach me?' When I reply 'No,' she adds, 'So, if you're not too busy, call me while I'm still alive,' and hangs up.

Erma Bombeck

Life Rule of the Day

Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth.

Archimedes' First Principle (a very strong lever would help as well)

Movie Quote

I'm too old for this sh**.

Lethal Weapon

Bumper Sticker

I used to be with stupid. Now, stupid's with me.

Country's Greatest Hits

In 2008, Shelly Fabian compiled a list of the 500 greatest country recordings of all time. Here's five from the list.

      426 "She Couldn't Change Me" - Montgomery Gentry

      397 "This Kiss" - Faith Hill

      212 "Seminole Wind" - John Anderson

      166 "Daddy Sang Bass" - Johnny Cash

      67 "Help Me Make It Through The Night" - Sammi Smith

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