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Stoney Creek Catholic Church

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Quotable Baseball

José truly was the player to be named later in the trade.

Rocky Bridges (about José Gonzalez who changed his name to Uribe Gonzalez and finally José Uribe.)

Quote of the Day

The loss of enemies does not compensate for the loss of friends.

Abraham Lincoln

Life Rule of the Day

When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.

Oscar Wilde

Movie Quote

Bond, James Bond

Dr. No

Bumper Sticker

There are only three constants in the universe: death, taxes, and your wife will need your undivided attention when there are only two minutes left in the game.

Country's Greatest Hits

In 2008, Shelly Fabian compiled a list of the 500 greatest country recordings of all time. Here's five from the list.

      498 "What's Forever For" - Michael Martin Murphey

      494 "If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)" - Shenandoah

      326 "Big Iron" - Marty Robbins

      319 "Near You" - George Jones & Tammy Wynette

      261 "Wild Angels" - Martina McBride

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